How It Works

Here is how to get your images-edited by the pros at Pixel Experts

Our image editing job process begins by receiving a digital RAW images from the client. Our experts team of editors will review the photo and make any necessary changes to ensure that the image meets their specific your needs. Once we are satisfied with the edits, we will provide a final version of the photo for printing or online use.

Step 1

⇒ Client gives us work with details descriptions of their work.

⇒ We give that description to our designer and make the clear what to do.

⇒ After that designers start to work.

Step 2

⇒ At work time we give information to our clients about their work progress.

⇒ We always try to keep in touch with our clients for any changes in their Design work via live chat through messenger.

Step 3

⇒ We always try to make our client satisfy. So after the job is complete, we check the work in 2 steps.

⇒ After delivery of the work if the client say us any kind of objection about the work we take action about it within 6 hours.

⇒ We will try to remove the claim within 24 hour

For ensure our Service Quality:

We are always very careful about our service. We know the value of time, money, and our client. We believe if our customer satisfaction with our work then he/she will come back to us again for their work. For that cause we describe our quality-ensuring process here.

For Time ensure:

Time is money we all know that. We are very careful to delivery our work within time. So for that cause we are running night duty or 24 hour services. If any client wants to online support we can able to give them. For complete our work in the time we divided our work with some milestone and we inform our client to about his/her work milestone and after every milestone we inform our client about their work condition. So our time perfection is 90% and we are improving it day by day by our hard work.